Alpha Destiny Q&A 06/12/2017

0:08 Do you think touch&go carries over to pause like cheat rows carries over to strict rows ?
1:26 Can you make your jawline more prominent? And if so, what are best exercises?
2:42 Does the biological law of accommodation not apply to beginners? Why can they do the same exercises for months without switching it up? How come you can do the same volume and intensity for months of time without changing anything and still manage to make progress?
4:39 Alex, why can I rip so much more mix grip than with straps? is this normal? I do strapless farmer walks and lighter rack pulls for grip strength
7:07 What is your response to the assertion that neck training causes sleep apnea?
8:09 Hey Alex does that mean that you NEVER did a Deload when you where using concurrent periodization? So you always progressed every single week and didn’t really hit any plateaus?
9:54 Yo Alex, can the behind the back deadlift be used to build quads? Can it replace squats for some time to add a little variation?
11:11 Alex in terms of muscle gain what is the real difference between Full Body and Bro Splits over a 4+ year period, wouldn’t results in muscle gain be similar after the 4 years between the two splits or not, since gains over the years decrease anyway? What’s your views on this?
12:52 It more likely to get hurt on intensity day or volume day? All I hear is lift properly and accept that you will get hurt eventually but I would still like to know, my money is on intensity. Thanks Brah
14:28 How many sets of rear delt work do you recommend per week?
14:58 Have you ever had a leg cramp during a bench? It sucks.
15:28 My AC joint is messed up. Can I use the slingshot exclusively?
17:22 What are your thoughts on reverse grip bench press in terms of its ability to build a competition bench?
18:29 Hey Alex, I’m thinking about adopting the bear mode and would like to know if you have any illusion strategies regarding love handles? My fat distribution kind of sucks
19:40 I hurt my lower back from below the knee rack pulls. Is this because I’m weak or did I do someting wrong? My form wasn’t the best on my last 5 reps either (of 10).
22:09 How can I manage powerlifting and college at the same time?
24:00 Alex …. Minoxidil apparently causes WRINKLES and EYE-BAGS under eyes, what’s you take on this? In this video I notice your eyes are looking quite sunken in compared to your previous videos serious. Asking because I started taking minox for the Beard as well.

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DISCLAIMER: I give general fitness advice, I am NOT a medical professional. All claims are based off my knowledge and education. Always consult a physician before starting any exercise program.

Post time: Jun-19-2017