Packing of Viscon White Granite Tiles | Wholesale Viscon White Granite Supplier

Viscon White granite tiles are preferred in all types of commercial centres and residential complexes. Regatta Exports, the Viscon White granite manufacturer from India supplies premium-quality tiles and known for exceeding the customers’ experiences.

In the video, Viscon White granite tiles are being packed using the fresh wooden crates, foam sheets, plastic sheets and thermocol. The fresh wooden crates are manufactured according to the shipment requirements and nailed to form a crate by the expert laborers. Then, the plastic sheets are put on along with thermocol sheets on the crate’s three sides. Then every tile is wrapped in using foam sheet to avoid any scratch or damage during the journey. Symmetrically the Viscon White tiles are loaded inside the crates. After loading an array of tiles in a crate, few inches gap is provided. The gap is occupied with thermocol small boards. Once the crate is completely filled with Viscon White granite tiles, the top of the crate is closed using a thermocol board, thermocol sheet and wooden bars. This way the crate is sealed and made ready for shipment.

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Note :- Minimum Order Quantity Should be ONE 20

Post time: Jun-19-2017