Trains At High Speed: Steam Engines (UK Locos) Compared To Modern Traction

If you like speed this is for you. These steam locos can still move it! You may also like… High Speed Steam Compilation: 90 mph/150 kph …(Bittern: hi speed runs)

The USA Acela, French TGV, German ICE and Chinese High Speed Trains just glide along at very high speed. Perhaps that’s the fascination with steam…you can see all the moving parts and hear the engine ‘talk’….La Bete Humaine!

Even non rail fans will enjoy the great power of fast steam locomotives on the mainline railroad…. also for kids who love railway videos like Thomas The Tank Engine!

If you like railroad videos, a super fast steam engine on a high speed train – even if not now the worlds fastest train, or you are a railway preservation society enthusiast who loves heritage railways, old steam trains or you just love mainline steam or railroad videos … I really hope you enjoy it!

A list of all the clips quoted from and the channel of the people that posted the clips is given below. Please visit them and give them more hits.

0.00–0.05 Front Screen
0.05–0.15 Clip01 – Steam Train At Speed #128 willhayfield
0.15–0.22 Clip02 – 60163 ‘Tornado’ at full pelt letmadnessbegin
0.22–0.31 Clip03 – 5043 Edgcumbe thrashes Wigan trainspotterize
0.31–0.41 Clip04 – Amtrak Acela Express In 150mph zone cchan006
0.41–0.51 Clip05 – Great Britain V – 34067″Tangmere’ & 70013 jakeyboygen
0.51–1.57 Clip06 – TGV en Seine et Marne ErebosSan
0.57–1.03 Clip07 – A1 60163 Tornado on Cathedrals Explorer Helpston david69082
1.03–1.11 Clip08 – The Devonian 22-10-2011 hd GJDobbzy
1.11–1.21 Clip09 – ICE 1 – German high speed train in action Suedharzeisenbahnfan
1.21–1.34 Clip10 – 71000 at Shifnal wilbur6402
1.34–1.45 Clip12 – The Duke at Leighton Buzzard TheDevonian2011
1.45–1.56 Clip11 – China railway CRH3C, Wuhan-Guangzhou High Speed train makmak0424
1.56–2.07 Clip13 – 12-04-12 The Cathedrals Express 70000 Bristol NwsNoaaChaser
2.07–2.13 End Screen

Notes To Complete Later: There’s something special about steam trains at high speed! It’s surprising how many people find them fascinating – from kids to preservation society members. For some people, they start out as children captivated by Thomas The Tank Engine – perhaps it’s the Hogwarts Express for the Harry Potter fans! For others, they enjoy live steam! Steam on the main line or steam on heritage / preserved railways.

The UK is the capital of preserved main line steam. New Zealand, Germany and Poland have quite a bit. US not as much as expected. Australia, Japan and South Africa some.

A1 Tornado is an amazing project. In the UK there are great heritage railways like, The Bluebell Railway, The Mid Hants Railway, The North Yorkshire Moors Railway, The West Somerset Railway, The East Lanchashire Railway, The Great Central Railway, The Keighly And Worth Valley Railway, The Kent & East Sussex Railway, The North Norfolk Railway, The Severn Valley Railway, The South Devon Railway, The Paignton & Dartmouth Steam Railway and of course narrow gauge like The Welsh HIghland Railway, Tallyllyn Railway. West Coast Railways.

In the US – Cumbres And Toltec, Durango And Silverton etc.

Also steam features in Great Railway Journeys of the world by the BBC.

Post time: Jun-19-2017