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Trade between China and Europe, the traditional mode of transport is more dependent on sea and air transport, transport time and transport costs have been difficult to coordinate and solve the practical problems. To break the shackles of central traffic development, central fast iron as a forerunner of the Silk Road The Belt and Road logistics project, once opened it to become the most competitive, worthy of the name comprehensive cost-effective mode of transport. Compared with the traditional European mode of transport, transport time is 1/3 of the sea, and only 1/4 of the cost of air transport!
China EU fast rail with the shortest international transport, customs clearance convenient, the highest safety factor, the largest density, high technology content, trade facilitation, warehousing and distribution of a number of advantages such as rationalization. Has attracted more and more enterprises to join cooperation. Can foreknow, with future process influence will further enhance, central fast iron not only connect the transport of trade of China and European regional logistics channel, boost domestic leading to Europe international transit hub of engine!