Customs Clearance in Europe

There are several different customs clearance types which we can offer. import / export

Standard customs clearance
Suitable for : all types of shipments
Once the goods will leave the port they will be cleared for “free movement” which means that the import duties (tax and vat) are paid and the goods can be transported to any place within the European union.

Fiscal Customs clearance
Suitable for : transshipments / all shipments which don’t arrive in the destination country
A fiscal clearance can be done for all shipments which arrive in a country within the European union which is not the destination country. The destination country must also be member of the EU.
The advantage of the Fiscal clearance is, that the customer just needs to pay the import tax in advance. The VAT will be charged  by his local tax office later on.

T1 transit document
Suitable for : shipments which are consigned to a third country or shipments which will be passed into another customs transit procedure
Shipments which will be transported under a T1 transit document are uncleared and must be passed to another customs procedure within a short period of time.

There are many other types of customs clearance which are too much to be listed here (like Carnet ATA and so on) ,Welcome contact us for more details.