rail transportation, customs clearance services, door-to-door services, inspection service

Our Mission & Vision

We listen, investigate and analyse: every step that the client’s product takes is analysed.

We discover new ideas: new and innovative services and routes are communicated.

We resolve obstacles and construct new optimised supply chains from the place of origin to your customers’ clients.

Our Service Include
  • Logistics consulting
  • Customs brokerage and consultancy, clearance, procedure and preparation
  • International bonded and non-bonded transportation
  • Project logistics
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Oversized shipments
  • Transit services
  • Rail freight FCL & LCL
  • Truck freight FTL & LTL consolidated
  • Warehousing: bonded and non-bonded
  • Track & Trace

Cheaper than Air. Faster than Sea.

Sea freight has high capital costs, is slow, and is only available for specially equipped ports. Air freight is expensive, low-capacity, and harms the environment. Rail freight is high-capacity, reliable, environmentally friendly, and covers long distances quickly across Europe, Russia, and Asia.


Protecting the environment is a responsibility we all share. Our trains produce approximately 92% less C02 emission on air freight, and less than one-third of the emissions produced by road.

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Reliable & Safe

Weather doesn’t affect rail. Weekends don’t affect rail. Rail doesn’t stop - and neither do we. With our custom security options and full-service support, you can be confident your freight will arrive safely and on time.

Trade between China and Europe, the traditional mode of transport is more dependent on sea and air transport, transport time and transport costs have been difficult to coordinate and solve the practical problems. To break the shackles of central traffic development, central fast iron as a forerunner of the Silk Road The Belt and Road logistics project, once opened it to become the most competitive, worthy of the name comprehensive cost-effective mode of transport. Compared with the traditional European mode of transport, transport time is 1/3 of the sea, and only 1/4 of the cost of air transport! ……