Małaszewicze is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Terespol, within Biała Podlaska County, Lublin Voivodeship, in eastern of Poland.

Malaszewicze became the most popular crossing point on the Central European train line.All Containers by train transportt are changing here Shipping to Poland from China .From the train station to the largest railway transshipment port in Poland

In 1867, Małaszewicze become an important railway station due to the development of the Warsaw-Brest track. Małaszewicze later developed into a transportation hub connecting the European railway system. In the 1970s, Małaszewicze became the largest railway transshipment port from China to Poland.


As a important hub point and railway dressing point in Europe, Małaszewicze operates domestic and international cargo transportation and warehousing, diverting goods from China to Lodz,Poland, Nuremberg,Germany and Tilburg, Netherlands.  transport from Europe products to China as well.


The opening of the China to Europe train shipping promoted the prosperity of the Małaszewicze station
As a practitioner of the “Belt and Road” career frontline, we will witness the development and changes along the “Belt and Road” with the China Railway Express.